“We demand that designer, brands, and governments collaboratively invest in the recycling technology needed to secure and enable a circular system.”
— Youth Fashion Summit 2016, Circulatory Group

The 2016 Copenhagen Fashion Summit presentation of fashion demands was developed by Eva and fellow contributors of The Youth Fashion Summit. Since last year, Eva and other YFS colleagues have developed their demands into the first ever United Nations Resolution on Fashion. Eva's coworkers from the Youth Fashion Summit 2016 selected her in 2017 to help write copy for the new Resolution on Fashion, to be delivered as a draft to the United Nations in New York in September 2017. 

See the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017 presentation here.

The resolution was derived from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that carried forward the Millennium Development Goals of 2000. Eva and her colleague's participation in the Youth Fashion Summit and the Copenhagen Fashion Summit is documented in Voguei-D, and Business of Fashion (BoF). A documentary about Youth Fashion Summit was filmed in 2017.

As a participant and a past student of KEA in Copenhagen and Ryerson University in Toronto, Eva was asked about her definition of sustainability - read here.

Cover photo by GM Creative Studio