Nin'ey - three

  • Born in the 1000 Islands region of Canada

Nin'ey - eight

  • Attends kindergarten for three months, then drops out to learn sharing in real life

Nin'ey - nine

  • Wears a white button down shirt, tunic, and tie to school every day for the next seven years
  • Teaches her classmates at recess how to make a kite out of a plastic bag

Two thousand - six

  • Begins French Immersion in school

Two thousand - eight

  • Moves to Versailles and later Nantes, France for three months of French Immersion

Twenty - thirteen

  • Begins a four year degree in Fashion Design at Ryerson in Toronto, Canada

Twenty - fifteen

  • Ends her apprenticeship in womenswear design at Greta Constantine in Toronto, Canada
  • Becomes involved in men's custom suiting and tailoring at Indochino also in Toronto, Canada

Twenty - sixteen

  • Moves to Copenhagen, Denmark for six months to study Sustainable Fashion Design and Business, and finds sustainability to be the essence of design
  • Presents sustainability recommendations derived from the UN list of 2030 Sustainable Development Goals at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Twenty - seventeen

  • Achieves a BA Design and presents a thesis at Ryerson about sustainable fashion production practices, consumer education, food and fashion consumption
  • Writes copy for the first UN Resolution on Fashion in Copenhagen, Denmark