Taupe Is Dope Accessory Collection

As international migration is a large part of our current political and social happenings, bags for comfortable carrying are favoured by an adventurous suburban culture.

The Taupe Is Dope collection is for any gender. Each piece collaborates with another. The bags are crafted in three sizes: a large backpack; a medium sized clutch; and a passport and key holder wallet. The neutral taupe is shown in three medium to lightweight textured contrasting leathers.

The Five Fold clutch is vertically expandable, or flattens and rests under the straps of the Bowtie bag. The Triptych passport carrier can be handheld to carry money, bills, a phone; tickets, a passport, and keys. All items are ideal travel pieces. 

Models: Linda Price-Bennett (vialidesign.com, linda@vialidesign.com); Zandrew Claveria (@zandrew.clav); Madeleine Porter (@iamthemagic). Makeup: @olivesque (oliviataylor.com); Photography: Jill Rosenzweig (@chillijill, jillrosenzweig.com)