The skin is the largest organ of our body, and as such it is important to be aware of the materials we wear next to it. How will synthetics and material processing processes affect our skin in the future as we live with them?

Nike +Milk is a collaboration with Nike, Inc. and the Material Design Lab at KEA School of Design and Technology in Copenhagen, Denmark. The final product was presented to Nike during the week of Copenhagen Fashion Summit in May 2016.

Below: Nike +Milk Production Book excerpts, 2016.


Objective of Nike +Milk

The objective of this project is to create a completely recyclable material using design inspired by nature. The biomimicry design approach is then made into material that functions as a high performance product for the Nike customer. 

The 3D printed prototype is made with biodegradable PLA plastic. The future intention of Nike +Milk is to develop milk waste (vegetable, or dairy) into filaments that can be 3D printed into high performance, and zero waste prosthetics.