• one striped twill vest
  • one pair of cuffed denim twill shorts
  • two denim twill trouser legs


Carefully undo stitches on each used garment piece. Drape the shorts to form the body of the jacket. French seam two front pockets, using the back patch pockets of the trousers as pocket bags. Use a sleeve block to piece together the remaining denim. Be careful to match the stripes at the underarm and side seams. 

Stitch well, and wear often.

In collaboration with Syrian newcomers, Denim Deconstruction is a design project that incorporates social need with upcycling and deconstruction design methods, to create new garments from donated clothing.  

Models: Zandrew Claveria (@zandrew.clav); Abi Hodson (@abistudio); Madeleine Porter (@iamthemagic); Caitlyn Bloch. Makeup: @olivesque (; Photography: Jill Rosenzweig (@chillijill,